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    HB760 8L Best High Pressure Hydraulic Airless Paint Sprayers For Sale
    HB760 is one of the most powerful hydraulic airless paint sprayer for high production contractor who are spraying outdoor / exterior painting, industrial protection coating and terrace paint. It is ideal solution for medium to large projects. Honda engine maintains the high performance. It can paint wear-resistant paint painting.
    Name: HB760 High Pressure Hydraulic Airless Paint Sprayer
    Max flow(L/Min):8
    Power type: engine
    Max working pressure(Mpa):21MPa
    Max nozzle size(in):0.025
    Dynamic power(W): 4.8KW/ 6.5HP
    1) Powerful high-performance pump
    The powerful pump can spray high viscosity materials easily.
    2) Hydraulic drive slow down the piston movement, which reduce the equipment abrasion
    3) High Capacity Cooling System
    The premium cooling system allows the pump to run cooler and more efficiently
    4) Honda Engine
    Honda engines are reliable, high-performance, and easy to start
    5) Indoor and Outdoor Use
    Gas engine enable the painter to move the equipment anywhere.
    6) Easy out manifold filter will reduce the tip clogs when filled with dirt or debris
    7) With the chromium coating on the cylinder and piston rod, the equipment can paint wear-resistant paint painting.
    3.Accessories equipped in the kit
    1sprayer gunHB132/1341
    3high pressure hose15m1
    4extension pole50cm1
    4.Costing type
    Latex & acrylic paints, primers, water-based paint, solvent-based paint. block filters, drywall mud and elastomeric coatings, putty and epoxyAdvanced Hydraulic Airless Sprayers
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